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When it comes to 3D printing, there are no limits to what you can create. All you need is your imagination and a little help from us.

Side view of Paradigm Manufacturing's HP MJF 5200 3D Printer
Our HP MJF 5200 3D Printer

Experts in 3-D Print Since The Early 2010’s

Our Mission

The mission of Paradigm Manufacturing is to be a leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution by transforming the manufacturing industry into a digital manufacturing eco-system that thrives in the new sharing economy. Paradigm Manufacturing will strive to be the paradigm for low carbon production, zero plastic, zero inventory, and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Our Vision

Paradigm Manufacturing is aware that the world is changing dramatically and understands that there needs to be a drastic and prompt change to the manufacturing practices of what was once deemed the standard. We will be a profitable and socially responsible company in the new digital age.

Premier 3-D Print

Paradigm Manufacturing seeks to be the premier and flagship operation for the future of manufacturing. As stated in our mission, social responsibility is an integral component of our operation. We at Paradigm believe there is a moral obligation to ensure we create as low of an impact on our environment as possible. 

We plan to utilize sustainability, and proper sustainability training, as a guiding principle, believing that sustainable operations are critical to ensuring that the actions we take today do not compromise the safety and prosperity of future generations.  

We provide everything you need to successfully complete your project 

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Econoline Blast Cabinet for 3D Prints.

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